Friday, January 9, 2009

Impulse Knit

Since Christmas, I've had some roadblocks on the knitting front. I've started Cookie A.'s beautiful Marlene socks from the latest Knit.1, which are amazing but for some reason I just keep making mistake after mistake. So I'm frustrated there. Then I sat down last Saturday and finally seamed together the 3 pieces of my Ohio sweater and my worst suspicions were confirmed- this cardigan is just too small. I'm devastated, because I was seriously in love with the hourglass cables and I had put so much damn time into that thing. But it's a new year, and I'm not going to fool myself. I am not going to waste good yarn on something that I won't wear. So last night I started Ingenue from Custom Knits. I did not finish a single sweater for myself in 2008, but I hereby declare that 2009 will be different!

But before I started Ingenue, I got a hankering to finish something quick and satisfying. I saw the fun little slouchy copycat hat on Ravelry, so I picked up some off-white Cascade 220 from the stash and whipped it up over the course of a couple of nights.

Slouchy copycat hat

The pattern is quick and simple. I watched Ysolda's long tail tubular cast on video to learn how to make a nice cast on for 2X2 rib. The video and her instructions were excellent, but I'm not totally satisfied with the result. I will keep searching for the perfect 2X2 rib cast on.

Slouchy mock cable hat

I probably wouldn't have chosen this color, as it doesn't really flatter my pasty winter skin, but this was an impulse knit and I needed to start it NOW. I really like the mock cable rib- it is so darn easy and looks great. There's one big thing about this hat that I'm not crazy about at all and that is...

Back of slouchy hat

the little coin-sized flat part in the back. I kind of messed around with the instructions, but it only made it more obvious that the mock cable pattern disappeared. I'd change that if I were to make it again.

But hats are fun. I actually recently received an updated picture of a hat I made back in September- it's an action shot of the sailboat baby hat. If you ever doubt that baby hats are worth it (because babies won't wear them, because babies don't need hats, etc.), I challenge you with this:

Ava's Sailboat hat

Little Ava is rocking that hat like a freaking pro. She doesn't care that people think she's a boy because the hat is blue (damn our heteronormative society!)- she works it.