Thursday, July 10, 2008

Forgetting Type A Knitting

Believe it or not, I have photographic evidence that I am actually knitting this damn cabled hoodie:

Hoodie pieces

That's the back, a front, and a sleeve. Blocked and just waiting to be seamed together to see if they will actually fit me. They've been like this for a few weeks now, but every night when I come home, seaming just seems like too much to ask. It's hot, so I'm not inspired by the prospect of wearing the hoodie, but I am inspired by these:

Hourglass cables close up

Although I really love this little minx and am proud that I've actually gotten this far despite the massive amounts of frustration, I just can't handle her right now. My Ohio sweater will meet her fate and actually be completed in Ohio.

Here's the thing- I have been wrestling with a sense of knitting guilt all week. I put down my sweater because it was just too much and started on a pair of basic socks. I very much enjoyed making these socks for someone who will appreciate them very much, so why did I feel a nagging sense of disappointment in myself for not being more exciting? I feel like I've let my Type A tendencies seep into my knitting- like if I can't make the newest or coolest or best thing, then I shouldn't be knitting it. If I don't have 50 hearts on a Ravelry project, then I need to step up my game.

Popscicle socks

So today I decided to make a conscious effort to stop being externally motivated. I started another baby sweater for my nephew and forcibly ignored the little voices in my head yelling, "you've had too many baby things on the blog! People will think you're boring! If you have to make a baby sweater, at least make up your own pattern!" and instead took out some delicious Dream in Color Classy in the prettiest bright blue color (Blue Lagoon, it's called) and started on a little sweater from Designer One Skein Wonders. Because even though I know I am a little too effusive in my excitement over my new nephew, I just can't resist. I mean, seriously- look at this kid:

Logan loves me

So that's it. I am hereby forgetting my Type A tendencies and just knitting whatever makes me feel good. And baby sweaters in handpainted yarn make me feel good.