Sunday, July 4, 2010

Most satisfying FO ever

Is it weird that one of the first things I started thinking about when I found out I was pregnant was all the things I would knit for my baby? It must not be too weird, because most of my friends and family members had the same reaction when we shared the news that we were expecting: first, "That is amazing! We are so happy for you!" Almost always followed by, "Has Farrah started knitting yet?"

So it was a lot of pressure to make something seriously awesome for my little boy. I have to say I think I found the perfect pattern in the Gift Wrap Romper. Because he was due at the end of June, I used a cotton blend yarn (Yarn Gang again, purchased on sale again, so total yarn cost of this cuteness was $3). The pattern is fantastic, the process is easy, and the results are...

Gift Wrap Romber

freaking adorable if I do say so myself.

But wait. That's on the hanger. What about on an actual baby?

Perfectly fitting romper

Ridiculous adorable. I am obviously biased, but I do have the cutest model in the entire universe. My little guy was 6 lbs. 14 oz. at birth and the newborn size of this romper fit him perfectly. He wore it for his official hospital pictures.

Which way to the gun show?

He has also gotten a lot of use out of the simple little umbilical cord hat I made him out of Mini Mochi.

Cian in his romper

My little model's name is Cian and as expected, he has become my knitting muse and pretty much the center of our world. I can't resist throwing in a non-knitting related picture because this level of baby-liciousness has to be shared...

Cian's giant head