Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wow, that's bright...

So we're moving right along with all the painting projects in the house and in general, we're pretty pleased. We decided to go with very bold colors, which we have realized is not exactly for everyone, but we like bright.

Couch with lime green paint

We have an old house with a "cozy" living room, so we had to get new furniture that was comfy but still small enough to fit. I fell in love with this little chair from IKEA and actually picked the paint to match it.

IKEA chair with lime green paint

I can't actually believe this, but I am going BACK to IKEA today to see if I can find some dining room chairs. I cannot believe how lucky I am that they opened an IKEA in Cincinnati just 3 months before we moved here.

In knitting news, I made a little present for my house this week.

Swiffer cover- front view

The ubiquitous Swiffer cover. We have hardwood floors downstairs in the new house and I knew right away that I would NOT be purchasing copious amounts of expensive swiffer covers. So I whipped this up and really do think it's one of the most useful knitting patterns I've ever come across. Not necessarily the most exciting, but super useful.

Swiffer Cover-back view

I made mine a little smaller than the pattern directed, mostly out of laziness, with some Sugar and Cream I had lying around.

I'm busy with a secret knit for a friend who is going to have a baby any minute now. I saw her a few days ago and you could watch the kid trying to push his/her way out, so I better get busy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're here!

A little over 2 weeks ago, we packed up our tiny Miami apartment and drove 1200 miles up to Ohio. It was hard- we loved our life in Florida and made the best friends you can imagine there (that's you, my little Menudo!). The drive was actually not horrible, and I knit most of a sock along the way.

Sock at Sonic

My Charade in Socks that Rock (Nodding Violet colorway) had a great time at Sonic- have you guys tried Diet Cherry Limeade there? Seriously- the drive into Georgia was worth it just for that. Partnered with Tater Tots, it is the best road trip treat e v e r!

About halfway through Tennessee, I got through the heel...
Sock in progress
And now I just have just the toe left. This sock is okay, but not my favorite ever. The Socks that Rock is nice, but may be a bit much for the pattern. Also, it's really thick. But Charade is great for road trips because it's fun but easy to memorize.

So when you drive north on 75, just before you get to Cincinnati you'll see one of my favorite landmarks in the world. It's in Florence, Kentucky, and it is hilarious:
Florence, y'all!
Its Florence, Y'all! And they really wanted you to know so they painted it on the water tower! I love it! I think it scared the crap out of Bryan (um...Farrah...where are you taking me?).

We closed on the house on July 31st, and since then our life has been all boxes and painting and furniture shopping. And lots and lots and lots of Ikea.

Bryan at IKEA

People, both of those carts are ours. Both of them. We went from a 600 square foot apartment to a 1300 square foot house, so we had some needs. Big, expensive needs.

I'll be back at you with some knitting soon, hopefully- we got a couch today so at least I have somewhere to sit. But I'll probably also post some house painting/decorating news, too. I've spent most of my creative energy on choosing things: paint colors, furniture, etc., so you'll hear all about it.