Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boy oh boy

I bought the book Designer One Skein Wonders for a few different patterns, but I especially had my eye on Boy Oh Boy, which calls for exactly one skein of Dream in Color Classy. I love Dream in Color so much, I didn't want to waste this beautiful skein of Blue Lagoon I had on a hat or something that would leave so much yarn left over. This pattern is a perfect one skeiner- I only had maybe 10 yds left over.

Boy-oh-boy arm folded

How cute is this little thing? And it was so much fun to knit. 5 separate pieces, all small and taking not more than an evening to complete. The seaming, not so much, but it was a good learning experience. It was all in reverse stockinette and so it was good practice for my cabled hoodie.

I went back and forth on the buttons. There were rustic looking wood ones in the pattern photo, which I really liked, but I couldn't resist these elephants. Something about the bright blue yarn just called for elephants.

boy-oh-boy close up

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the process or the product. I wish I had something so satisfying planned next, but unfortunately I didn't find that *perfect* knit to take along on my long trip up to Cincinnati. I have yarn for a pair of Charade socks, but that doesn't feel quite right. I'll have to make it work, though- the movers came today and all my yarn is packed away!