Friday, January 23, 2009

Sapphire Sweater

The lovely Ingenue from Custom Knits is done, and I just love it. It ended up taking up my extra time for about 8 days. I finished weaving in the ends at about 1 a.m. on Saturday, soaked and blocked, and she spread out on the back seat of the car to finish blocking on the trip up to Chicago on Saturday morning.

Ingenue front

She made her debut Sunday night at Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, a performance of 30 plays in 60 minutes at the Neo-Futurists Theater. If you haven't seen it and are in Chicago, you should check it out. It is like nothing else you have ever seen.

Ingenue standing

I definitely added quite a bit of length to the torso and to the sleeves- I believe it was around 15 rows before the waist decreases and 5 or so extra rows before starting the ridge pattern for the bottom. I believe I added around 10 rows to the sleeves.

Ingenue back

I really like the ridge pattern- I was actually thinking of changing it because I wasn't sure about it in the book pictures, but I really dig how it looks in real life. It kicks a regular raglan up into special sweater territory.

Ingenue side view

My husband took these pictures and without any special instructions, he made sure to get a shot that shows "all the stuff the knitters will want to see"- the raglan lines, the ridge pattern, the sleeves and the hip edge. Smart guy.

So there she is- my first sweater of 2009 (and my first sweater for me ever!). I am wearing it right now at work and really just want to tell everyone who comes into my office- Hey! I knit this sweater! Isn't is AWESOME! But I am not completely obnoxious, so I don't.