Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Present

It's getting pretty cold and snowy here in Cincinnati, so I got a special request from my sister for a hat for my nephew. She wanted something that would cover his ears, so I searched around for an earflap hat for a baby and went to work.

I used Hey Julie's pattern, with just a few mods. First off, I put a little snowflake pattern on there. I found the chart for it somewhere online, but I can't find it again now. I was using worsted weight yarn (Cascade 220), so I did a little math and ended up making the hat 80 stitches around. It fits that baby perfectly!

He loves it!

Side view

I took three strands of yarn and crocheted them on to the back of the hat. Then I took 3 strands and crocheted it to the front of the hat. That left 6 strands of yarn hanging down on each side of the hat, so I divided them into 3 sections and braided it down to the end.

Little Woodsman

Okay, okay, I know I'm ridiculously biased, but how freaking cute is this baby in his little woodsman outfit? I got that outfit for him before he was born when I was visiting the Smokey Mountains. I remember staring at it, wondering what the little guy who wore it would be like. Now he's here, and man am I crazy about this kid.