Monday, December 22, 2008

Tab Blankets

I'm knitting like crazy, but there are sneaky eyes out there trying to get an early peek, so I can't post anything about it. My brother-in-law has actually put himself on Ravelry's waiting list to try to find out what he's getting for Christmas.

But I can show you another little project my Mom and sister and I worked on this weekend. I didn't know this, but apparently babies really love tabs. Pulling them, feeling them, trying to eat them, etc.- they just love them. There are these little soft blankets covered with tabs made out of ribbons that babies just can't get enough of. In the store, they cost at least $10 or $15, but my sister had the brilliant idea of whipping up some at home for much, much less.

Two tab blankets

For each blanket, we cut out 2 16" squares of fleece. Then I cut 28 4" pieces of ribbon (4 ribbons each of 7 different types). I pinned all the ribbons to the ducky blanket about 2" apart (which took FOREVER) and then sewed them on. Then Mom sewed the 2 pieces together (inside out) and they were set.


I love that they are super soft, and reversible, and colorful. If the babies love them half as much as my nephew loves his taggy blanket, then I'll be happy.

Tons o' tabs

Blankets with tags- who knew?