Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have a few little tidbits to show you, but we all know what the holidays do to knitblogging, so bear with me.

First up are a couple pairs of baby thumbless mittens, made from leftover sock yarn held doubled. I used this pattern, with one pair a bit bigger than the other. New nephew is especially tiny for a 6 month old, but his 7 month old buddy is especially large. I was worried that they would fall off, but I hear they fit both of the babies well and stay on just fine.

baby mittens

My comfort project lately has been a clapotis made of this gorgeous fluffy, tweedy alpaca that I got last year for my birthday. I know, I know, clapotis are boring and why would anyone want to knit one. I can't help it- I love the pattern and love the results, so whenever I need to just knit for comfort I cuddle up with this guy.

tweedy alpaca Clapotis

Finally, an actual FO. This will be a Christmas present for a fiery little 5 year old girl and I cannot wait to see her in it! I used the Lil' Devil Baby Hat pattern and good old Paton's Classic Merino.

Lil Devil hat

I used seed stitch instead of garter and put a little stuffing in the horns to make them really stick out there. Like everything else, I wet blocked it and when I did, I made sure to really pin those little devil spikes out.

devil horns

Hope all your holiday knitting is going well!