Monday, February 25, 2008

Fail- Part 2

Oh, guys. The jinx continues. So last we met, I had woe over the fact that the front and back edges of my cropped cardigan did not match up. After email consultation with Vy (who successfully finished the cropped cardigan and it turned out completely and utterly spectacular- you should seriously see it- look here), I was reassured that I should just try seaming it up. Vy was right- it worked! I felt victorious and secure, telling myself that I need to learn to trust the process and all kind of other ridiculousness. I finished knitting one sleeve. I picked up around 130 stitches for the collar and knit 4 freaking inches of ribbing and then spent 2 whole hours picking up about 180 stitches for the bottom and did around 3 inches of ribbing there. And then I tried it on.

Oh, no.
Fail Part 2

There are so many levels of wrong. First of all, this whole thing is just WAY too big. My brilliant plan to use a worsted weight yarn but then just go up a size in the Tilted Duster pattern (even though I was making something completely different from the Tilted Duster) ended up being much less than brilliant. This takes ill-fitting to a whole new dimension. The biggest problem is the copious amount of fabric that pools underneath my arms- this thing would fit perfectly if I had boobs that went all the way around my body.

Fail continues

Ah, alas. My dreams of wearing a new sweater to Cincinnati later this week are dashed. Unfortunately, I think my dreams for the cropped cardigan just may be kaput as well. I need to take some time off and think about it for a while, but as of now I'm planning to frog this sucker and use the yarn to make the two-tone shrug from Fitted Knits. Or maybe buy more yarn and make a super simple striped raglan sweater.

In much better knitting news, I spent pretty much all day yesterday happily starting new projects. I am loving the hell out of some herringbone- that pattern is fantastic and so super fun to knit. So fun, in fact, that I don't even mind that my knitting jinx continued and I had to frog back much of what I did yesterday. I also cast on for Bryan's birthday present: the Retro Rib Socks from Interweave in the Smooshy Cloud Jungle. I think he's already planning the modeling session he'll have for the blog.

In super-secret knitting news, I finished a present for the new nephew. I can't post it here because my sister has started checking the blog, but Ravelers can see it here.