Monday, February 4, 2008

About Me Indulging

I have Veronik Avery's blog on my google reader (cause she's, you know...Veronik Avery) and was kind of tickled at her post today. I usually hate those long list of questions that people send over email (they seem so indulgent, don't they?), but this one is short and the questions are not your usual "favorite color" nonsense. Like Veronik, I never really got around to doing an "about me" section on this blog, so I thought I'd give it a go. (I'm going to get so much crap for sister and friends have been sending me these things for years and I have taken a stern and snotty stand against them. Come to think of it, I kind of deserve the crap.)

1. Childhood ambition? To be a ballerina

2. Best weather?
Sun-drenched in any form

3. Favorite food?
Tomato-basil-mozzarella salad, with olive oil & sea salt

4. Current book? I should totally lie here…I used to read constantly before I discovered knitting. But the truth is that I'm always reading the current issue of the New Yorker.

5. Guilty pleasure?
The Girls Next Door, that terrible show about the Playboy bunnies. Also, original flavored Bugles obtained furtively from the vending machine in the basement at work.

6. One quirk? I don't eat the ends of my French fries because I have this illogical but deeply held feeling that all the grease in the fry is sucked up into the end that my fingers touch.

7. Something you've never done that most people have?
Been to any Disney-related or Disney-adjacent theme park.

8. Favorite drink: Red wine

9. Oddest job you've had: Hmm…the oddest thing is that I'm 30 and I've still never had a *real* job.

10. Last song you listened to (on purpose, not on the radio): Shit. I should lie here too. Alright, the truth is that the last song I listened to on purpose was the entire Fly album by the Dixie Chicks.

11. Cities/towns/villages you've lived in, in reverse chronological order:

Miami, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Nashville, TN; South Bend, IN; Cape Town, South Africa; Huntington, WV; Bethel, OH

12. Teenage ambition? To not get pregnant

13. Movie you'd most like to be a character in:
The Motorcycle Diaries (for the beauty of South America and of Gael Garcia Bernal).

Okay, on to knitting news. I was lucky enough to get the oh-so-rare knitted item action shot. Remember that simple ribbed hat I made for my co-worker a few weeks back? Well it turns out that he loved it- so much that he wanted to make sure I had a picture of him wearing it at his marathon.

Frank's Hat in action

Frank's gratitude over this hat has pretty much guaranteed him a lifetime supply of knitted stuff.

On Super Bowl Sunday, my favorite local yarn store (Anneke's Needleworks - visit it if you come to South Florida!) was having a really great sale so I went to try to find yarn for that Revolutions blanket I mentioned in the last post. I think I have some picked out, but Anneke has to special order a color for me. Since I couldn't buy blanket yarn, I just had to buy something else...

Berroco ultra alpaca

4 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, in olive and chocolate, to make the cropped cardigan a la eyeloveit. I am just brilliant, my friends- nothing says springtime in Miami like a long-sleeved sweater in a wool-alpaca blend!