Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Farrah Swap

So I've never actually met another girl named Farrah in my life, but soon after joining Ravelry I got a message from another Farrah- not only another Farrah, but a knitter! The other Farrah and I started chatting and turns out we have tons in common. The other Farrah came up with a great idea- we'd have a Farrah swap, in which we would send each other a little package made up of fun stuff we knew the other would like. I had had more fun than I'd like to admit putting together the package (you can see what I sent to Farrah here), and she sent me a really, really great package.

First, a book I've been wanting forever.
Interweave Favorite Socks
So many beautiful patterns, all in one spiral bound book. I'm particularly excited about the Uptown Boot socks...
Uptown boot socks & smooshy
Farrah also sent me some Dream in Color Sock Yarn, which is too delicious for words. So delicious, actually, that I sent her the EXACT SAME YARN without even knowing! In red, because that is one of her favorite colors, but the same sock yarn all the same. Our Farrah vibe is crazy, yo!

She also sent a super-fun scarf kit, with instructions to make a striped ribbed scarf, 2 balls of this Burgundy wool, and 1 ball of a funky matching yarn. I love it!
Yarn for scarf set

I might have mentioned I love chocolate, so she sent some Dove dark chocolate covered almonds, which are single-handedly accounting for the extra pound hanging on each of my hips, and some Lindt chocolate truffles. Also, some "F" note cards, which I will use all the time.
Swap treats

I am spoiled, y'all. Seriously.