Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Casting on in celebration

So my job hunt is over and come this summer, I'm moving back to Ohio. Although I will miss the heck out of Miami, I am thrilled to be going back home to my family and to be buying our first house. We couldn't afford to buy a cardboard box in Miami, but the market in Ohio is much more forgiving and we already found a great place. As I type, I have HGTV on in the background and I'm scheming about all the DIY stuff I want to do.

To celebrate, I'm making myself a sweater. I'm hoping it will help me cope with the drastic weather change- I mean, the good thing about winter is the knitwear, right? I loved the Cabled Hoodie from the Paton's Street Smart booklet and was excited to hear that Vy loved it too. We decided to do a mini-KAL, with both of us making major mods to the pattern. Vy subbed the worsted weight for a DK and I decided to change the cable pattern. I just wasn't really digging the bobbles.

I've been working on it for a couple of days and am really coming along on a sleeve:

Hourglass cable sleeve
How you like the yarn-ball in the pajama pants look?

Like Vy, mine fits a bit more snugly than I anticipated. Unlike Vy, I am stubborn and delusional and am choosing to believe that this will work out. It really seems to fit, but it won't be a jacket type sweater like I thought. That's okay, right? I have a crazy feeling this post is going to come back and bite me.

I found this Hourglass cable in Barbara Walker's first Treasury and I just love it. It's a bit difficult to keep up with (I had to frog a couple of pattern repeats already) and I had to chart it out to keep up with the 16 row pattern, but I think I'm on track now.

Hourglass cable close up

I love this so far. We'll see how I feel when I get to the back and am doing four of these cables across, but for now I'm loving watching my little sleeve grow.