Monday, March 24, 2008

Chic Knits for Stylish Babies-Review

I'm up to my ears in secret knitting projects lately, which are fun but do not make for good blogging. I was forced to admit defeat on the size 12 birthday socks, which were gifted to Bryan like this:
Sock and a half
The good news is that finished one fit him perfectly. The Retro Rib in this pattern is actually really nice, but the socks have to be on the foot in order for the stitch pattern to truly take shape. I'll get an action shot once that second monster is finally finished.

Since I can't talk on the blog about my second secret project (even though I am DYING to talk about it and get opinions), I figured I'd share some pictures and thoughts about this new book I found at Joann (and purchased with a 50% off coupon, natch).

Chic Knits for Stylish Babies
by Patricia Wagner- Amazon's got it for $13.97.

I just love the patterns in this book- and there are so many of them (65 to be exact). They are arranged into little wardrobes with lots of coordinating pieces.

The "English Style" set
"English Style"

I'm not sure how big I am on dressing a baby head to toe in knitwear, but I love the idea that you can pick a few pieces and have a nice little set to give at a shower. I have my eye on that little heart sweater and matching booties as a gift for a coworker who is having a little girl.

Rompers! That one on the left has llamas all over it. Babies love llamas, right?

I also like that there are pieces that I haven't seen in other pattern books, like the rompers. There are also dresses, overalls, and these super cute cargo-type pants:

"Double Vision"

Finally, I really like the way they've used color. There are lots of bright colors, which I love, but I also like how they've used little splashes of bright colors in just the right places, like on this navy sweater that zips along the raglan seam:

Blue & Green outfit

Some of the reviews on Amazon complain that all the patterns are for babies one year and younger, but I guess I don't have a problem with that. There are plenty of other books for hip toddler clothes- it's nice to have something different for the little ones. Another complaint is that many of the patterns are made with fingering weight yarn, but can't you just use worsted weight and figure they'll fit into it eventually? That's what I'm thinking, at least.

Basically, this book makes me want to cover every baby I know with super-chic, brightly colored knitted goodness. Lucky for me, I have lots of adorable little ones in my life who are totally worth it.

Lily's close up